ComplianceCare helps small healthcare practices easily meet complex patient privacy requirements.

Let us help you be 100% certain you are protecting patient's information and keeping your practice compliant so you can focus on providing quality healthcare.

Lack of compliance places your practice at risk!
$Large Fines
Enforcing agencies are authorized by law to levy significant fines for non-compliance to privacy regulations. These fines are for each instance of a breach and can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands for even smaller practices.
!Patient Harm
Failing to protect patients sensitive information can result in a variety of difficulties for patients such as personal humiliation, financial impacts or even personal danger. it is impossible to know the effects a breach of privacy might have on and individual or family.
?Loss of Reputation
Federal laws require notification to the local media of significant privacy breeches. Negative press from a lawsuit or enforcement action can tarnish your professional reputation and keep clients away.

Compliance is more than software.

Q: Doesn't my HIPAA compliant EMR make me compliant?

Not completely...

A HIPAA compliance strategy can be broken into three major parts. Training, Policies, and Controls.

Compliant EMR or Practice Management software packages are primarily technical controls and are only a fraction of the solution. Without the other pieces, you're only partially covered.

ComplianceCare can help assess what you might be missing and get you to complete HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA compliance requirments summary
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ComplianceCare logo bulletOnly Compliance
Lots of IT companies offer HIPAA compliance services, but most lack the experience and certifications to insure you BECOME and REMAIN compliant. ComplianceCare only does compliance! Offering a full range of tools and services to make sure you are completely compliant.
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ComplianceCare tools and services are designed for small to medium sized practices. Our mission is to bring the tools and expertise that are usually reserved for large budgets and large practices to your practice.
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Our work is done by certified security/privacy experts with large enterprise compliance experience.
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Low pricing designed for small and medium practices. Get big practice compliance at a price small to medium practices can afford.
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We help you build compliance practices that insure ongoing success at meeting compliance requirements.